Joe D’Amico Owner

Joe is the owner of Spectrum Audio, a successful sound company for over 25 years. Joe is a highly experienced sound engineer and very accomplished musician. He knows what good consistent sound is and strives to provide the best!

Spectrum Audio is constantly working with key vendors in the audio industry to develop new products for use in our systems exclusively. Our products and systems undergo ever-changing improvements, pacing industry trends and sometimes setting new industry standards. Spectrum Audio is dedicated to providing the finest audio systems for your event. We simply sound better. Just listen!

We can’t exist without its indispensable staff of dedicated & experienced professionals. We boast some of the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers and production personnel in the industry. The right people with the right properties are an essential element for building and servicing a successful event.

Spectrum Audio has a unique, modular approach to systems design. Our systems engineers have incorporated “state of the art” digitally controlled electronics, allowing us to network critical control components, streamline processing and produce the ultimate in systems flexibility. This enables us to meet the specific technical requirements that each show demands, while remaining cutting edge and competitive in the marketplace.